Monday, January 22, 2007

i just watched 'wassup rockers' and throughout the whole movie one of the kids, jonathan, wears these skinny jeans in the awesomest grey color. and of course, all i could think about were these proenza schouler for target grey pants. i couldn't help it. but proenza schouler aside, this kid's outfit was so 80s skater and rad, i can't be blamed for suddenly wanting to tie bandanas around my ankles and wrists, right? RIGHT?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

i think out of all the proenza schouler pieces coming to target in february, i'm most excited about that $14.99 yellow shirt.

i love these shoes, they were $16 on sale at the columbia road payless and having worn them four or five times, i really feel like i got more than my money's worth. they're white (and a little scuffed) and they're kind of memorable, so i felt like it might be a good idea to try to change them up a bit. and having paid so little for them, it wouldn't be a tragedy if i seriously messed them up. i decided to try for a high-heeled version of a saddle shoe. i used a dark charcoal acrylic paint i already had and an on-the-small-side paintbrush (small enough to slide under the scalloped overlaps of the 'leather'), painted two coats on, then finished it with a coat of glossy sealant (mainly so the paint wouldn't crack and flake off, and also because the acrylic ended up drying very matte).

i'm really happy with the outcome, though honestly i think they look less like saddle shoes and more like brogues - i'm considering either filling in the section of white 'trim' that runs between the two painted parts with the charcoal color (to make them more saddle-y), OR painting everything that's still white a light brown and calling them spectators. sike i'm TOTALLY doing that when i get home tonight - haha consider these still a work in progress; i'll post the REAL 'after' picture when the paint has dried.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i'm so excited about these shoes i got for $3 from a goodwill.

i'm currently in the process of turning my white payless booties into saddle shoes, i'll give before and after pictures next post!

Monday, December 11, 2006

i have no idea how long these have been available, so i could be THE LAST ONE TO KNOW: american apparel is apparently selling skinny jeans, the slim slack, in a very limited number, and only online. the 'dark peacock' color is really great and different, haha then again so are the 'fluorescent yellow' and the 'poppy.' they've also got basic black ones. at 68 bucks they're not super cheap, but they are comparable to cheap mondays and far, far less expensive than most other denim. they're unisex, every size has a thirtyfour inch inseam, and refreshingly, the waist looks like it actually hits NEAR THE WAIST. i want them, bad. i can imagine that these are going to sell out almost immediately, so get on them quick before all the other aa kids add them to their christmas lists.

Friday, December 08, 2006

i found little paper planes just this morning and i'm really excited about it. they have simple, lovely jewelry by urban bloom; my favorite of which is the 'love me tender' necklace, above, for $28. i'm especially stoked because in addition to the requisite screenprinted shirts, charming jewelry, and adorable printed and knit bags (all at Very Reasonable prices) they also sell neat little books and prints - including several by one of my favorite artists, rachell sumpter. 'big city girl,' below, is 4x5 and only $12.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

i found these fred flare rings after seeing this on popgadget, by way of parasol party. they have some killer rings for around ten bucks, but of course my favorite is the only one over fifteen - the $40 'peter pan skull ring.' the one pictured below, however, is only $14 and is almost as good. i hardly ever wear jewelry (other than the occasional necklace or two) but i AM comfortable with wearing a big huge ring for a night and i feel like those are both great alternatives to classic (read: boring) cocktail rings. don't get me wrong - i love big vintage costume jewelry as much as anybody else, and i own my fair share, but i feel like these are a fresh way of getting the same effect. check out the rest of their accessories; the prices are right on and they seem to have something for every personality.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

and speaking of sequins (and ebay), how cute is this??